Upcoming Samsung smartphones come with unlocked FM chips

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Upcoming Samsung smartphones

World’s largest Android mobile maker Samsung team up with NextRadio to unlock the FM Chip on its upcoming Samsung smartphones in the U.S. and Canada.

Current iOS and Android devices supports NextRadio app that allows user to stream live, local FM radio stations on smartphone. If phone’s FM chip activates, the app provides emergency listening capabilities.

The upcoming Samsung smartphones will allow users to listen to local stations through unlock the radio chip. With this chip, user can provide their important information in emergency situations from local radio stations when cellular coverage unavailable.

NextRadio’s website records more than 200 radio-skilled phones which are Samsung, HTC, and Motorola gadgets. But, the radio may be accessible on the off chance that you download the app.


A year ago, LG uncovered NextRadio is turning into a local technology on some of its top phones in North and South America. The phones not only enable FM chips, but also come with pre-installed application.

While NextRadio available in iOS, but Apple smartphones are absent from the list. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 both are chip-free. The absence from iPhones due to the organization not needing consumers to use radio, since it might impact Apple Music subscriptions.

Despite the fact, FM radio chips incorporated into the chipset of most cell phones. It can be enacted by manufacturers, most carriers have no thought process to do as such.

Unlocking the FM Chip in smartphones is need with regards to open security particularly in the wake of natural disasters around the globe and makers are taking note. If you are searching for a cell phone with a FM radio, an Android gadget might be your best choice.