SpaceX Dragon spacecraft returns to Earth after a month stay at the space station


SpaceX Dragon spacecraft returns to Earth

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft returns to Earth after completed a 13-round trip supply missions to the International Space Station. The spacecraft loaded with two tons cargo falls down in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday.

SpaceX had reused a Dragon spacecraft second time for a supply mission to the International Space Station (ISS). The Dragon started its thrusters at 9:43 a.m. EST for its return to Earth.

The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft conveys more than 4,100 pounds space junk, space hardware and biological and scientific examples include urine, blood samples and live mice from NASA’s Rodent Research Program 6.

Made In Space, a manufacturing company, which demonstrates 3D-printing of ZBLAN glass fiber optic wire in space.

While, SpaceX has deal with NASA for 20 supply missions to the space station, already 13 missions completed by the Dragon. Dragon’s next cargo delivery mission for NASA is scheduled on April 2.

Dragon and the Falcon 9 science missions

The Dragon and the Falcon 9 science missions are imperative features of SpaceX rocket re-usability program and business space flights.

Falcon 9 supporter propelled the Dragon mission on Dec. 15 from Cape Canaveral. The cargo spacecraft conveying 2.4 tons of room supplies achieved the space station on Dec. 17.

Both Falcon 9 and the Dragon spacecraft made their second treks to space on this flight. The effective return of the Dragon mission came in the midst of theories that the Zuma satellite propelled by Falcon 9 early this month lost all sense of direction in space.

The Falcon Heavy, SpaceX’s most intense rocket is booked to dispatch its lady flight this month. The Falcon Heavy has three Falcon 9 centers, a motor upper stage, and joined 27 motors. The rocket will run beginning motor terminating tests one week from now.