7 Easy Stress Busters

Stress Buster

Is stress affecting you? We are here to help you with stress busters that are easy to follow.

Let’s begin with an understanding of stress and its causes. Stress is when you have to do something that’s beyond your capacity. Stress is a state of emotional tension or strain which results from adverse or demanding situations.

Is stress a bad thing? No. Some amount of stress is always needed. For instance, deadlines, they help you fasten your pace and make sure you work more than you would otherwise. However, only when stress gets beyond your ability to stretch, it can cause an emotional strain.

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Constant stress takes a toll on your health. It invites diseases and hampers the quality of your life.

Here are 7 easy stress busters

  1. Plan well

Most of the times stress is the result of a poor planning. By planning in advance and timing the events, you can minimise the last-minute rush.

  1. Carry a positive mindset

It eases every situation, no matter what. For instance, you are tensed because of your child’s poor performance. Identifying the problem itself is half the solution. Your life is better than a lot of others.

  1. Sip warm water

Dehydration causes stress and stress causes dehydration! Dehydration is when you are drinking less water than you should. Sip warm water to flush out stress. Drinking warm water is always the best as it cures a ton of diseases.

  1. Walk out your stress

Staying physically active minimises stress. Take a stroll in the fresh air. Morning walks with emerging sunrays are refreshing. Take stairs instead of elevators.

  1. Inhale few fresh calming breaths every morning

Drink warm water as a first thing. After 15 minutes, sit down on a mat and breathe in as slowly as you can. Imagine that you are breathing in the positive energy of the entire universe and slowly breathe out the negative in you. This simple practice of meditation will sooth your senses.

For instant relief, take a deep breath when you are stressed.

  1. Yoga is a reliever
  • Yoga is an ancient form of exercise dating back to 3000 years.
  • It makes you strong from within. It increases your tolerance level and you won’t get stressed easily.
  • It also heals the ill-effects of stress that you are suffering from.
  1. Treat yourself

The most refreshing stress buster is to do what you love! Dedicate at least some time in a day to follow your heart.