Google Arts & Culture app new feature that match your selfie to a famous portrait

spinonews Google Arts & Culture app

Match your selfies with famous portraits

Google Arts & Culture app gets a new feature on Android and iOS. Google brings this app in 2011. With this new feature, match your selfie to a famous portrait from top museums around the world. While, Google deals with 1200 international museums for introducing this new feature.

According to Google, the Google Arts & Culture app makes use of pattern recognition to recognize face patterns and understand characteristics of different faces. It looks for properties such as beards, glasses etc. to select relevant portraits from its database.

VPN service

For now, the feature currently available in the U.S. By using an VPN service, users from India can allow to access selfie matching feature. So, users should follow these steps on how to use the feature

  • First, users should download the Google Arts & Culture free app from their app store. Don’t open the app after downloading.
  • Then download and install Opera VPN app service, available in Play store or App store.
  • After installing, open the Opera VPN app and then click on ‘switch location mode’ in device and select country from the list.
  • Then open the app and scroll down till a card appears that titled “Is your portrait in a museum?”, click on ‘Get Started’ and on the next screen, tap on I accept at the bottom.
  • The app then ask permission to access your front camera. Align your face in the provided frame, which will prompt the app to click a photo.
  • The database and pattern recognition technology now come into play, with the app scanning for similar portraits. Once done, it will display the four best matched options to choose from.

The app also shows the level of each image match. Also, reveals the name of the matched portraits along with the museum it belongs to. The free application gets the ‘No.1’ spot on Google Play in the US.