Microsoft implements new AI that can read a document and answer questions


Microsoft implements new AI technology

Software giant Microsoft changes our world with their new innovations. Now, Microsoft implements new AI technology that can read a document and answer questions about it just like a human.

While, the new AI technology is very similar to Bing and Microsoft Cortana. These technologies provide information in natural ways, like people communication.

For implementing this new AI, Microsoft using the Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD), a machine reading comprehension dataset consisting of questions posed by crowd workers on a set of Wikipedia articles.

SQuAD leaderboard

According to the SQuAD leaderboard, Microsoft submitted model got the score of 82.650 on the exact match portion. While, the performance on the same set of questions and answers by human is 82.304. Recently, the Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba submitted a score of 82.440. Currently, the two companies share the first place on the SQuAD leaderboard.

With machine reading comprehension, computers also quickly parse through information found in books and documents and provide people with the information they need most in an easily understandable way.

However, Microsoft already submitted some models for the SQuAD dataset leaderboard in its Bing search engine. Now, the company working on applying it to more complex problems, which are computer can answer a follow-up question.

Ming Zhou, assistant managing director of Microsoft Research Asia, said the SQuAD dataset results are an important milestone, but he noted that, overall, people are still much better than machines at comprehending the complexity and nuance of language. Natural language processing is still an area with lots of challenges that we all need to keep investing in and pushing forward. This milestone is just a start.