Upcoming God of War on Playstation 4 release date announced


God of War on Playstation 4

The much-awaited action-adventure video game God of War new version release date confirms. Sony announced God of War on Playstation 4 will launch on April 20.

The announcement followed by a trailer focused on the game’s story side. In previous God of War versions, Kratos learned about self-control, responsibility, and result. Now, the new series focuses on Kratos trying to teach his son, Atreus.

God of War writer and director, Cory Barlog, said, the game’s litany of pre-order bonuses and expensive special editions. First, players who pre-order any version of the game will get three cosmetic skins for Kratos’s shield in the game.

For $130, you can get God of War edition with a fancy box, cloth map, some digital comic books and a couple of models.

While, the Stone Mason Edition is $150 and accompanies with all that stuff also some other physical Knick knacks. Get Digital Deluxe Edition with the price of $70. For American and Canadian customers this version provides free Kratos lapel pin.

The new God of War on PlayStation 4 sees the previous avatar to bring a young boy in the Norse wild. In changing from Greek folklore to Norse folklore, “God of War” rolled out noteworthy improvements to the establishment’s notorious battle. Now, it features a very close point and Kratos supplanted his chain whip edges with an enchanted axe.

The trailer explains that Kratos changed a bit and hidden his fury from his son. The trailer even suggests the boy does not know his father used to be a genuine god.

However, the day April 20 is a big festival for gamers because on the same day Nintendo going to launches their new gaming technology Nintendo Labo. So, players may enjoy the day with these games.