Disadvantages and Side Effects of Soda water

spinonews Side Effects of Soda water

Disadvantages and Side Effects of Soda water with regular consumption linked to numerous health problems.

Bloating problems

Soda water lead to the formation of water bubbles and air that can cause huge issues with bloating. Apart from feeling bloated, one might also feel belched on drinking too much of soda water.

Nervousness and memory loss

Drinks cause extreme nerve disorders when they’re consumed in huge amounts.  They may also lead to memory loss and cause serious behavioral problems.

Heart and kidney

When you take regular soda water they lead to heart problems, kidney problems, loss in muscle strength and even a serious issue of osteoporosis


As the beverages contains a lot of carbon which leads to a high production of acid in your stomach. For a longer time, it might even take the shape of a peptic ulcer.

Dental issues

You might also experience tooth or gum problems on taking high doses of soda water. These soda waters contain a high amount of processed sugar which is extremely bad for your teeth and gums.

Bone density

Carbonated water also reduces your regular bone mineral density. The carbon-di-oxide in the soda water causes this issue and makes your bones extremely weak.