Health Tips for Precaution of Cancerous Food


Precaution of Cancerous Food

Cancer is the worst possible thing that could happen to a person, emotionally, physically, mentally and that is why you have to do anything within your power to prevent it; changing something as simple as your diet can lower the risk of cancer by 50%. Do you know how foods as common as wine and bread are slowly poisoning you?

Here are a few tips for you if you want to throw the toxic garbage out to your diet and lead a safe, cancer-free life

Go Organic Always

The industry of Genetically Modified Crops is spreading like hellfire everywhere. While people, from the government to farmers, are endorsing GMOs, what they are omitting out is the risks that consumption of GMCs involves.


Your everyday food supply is being infiltrated by GMOs regularly, 90% of the soy or corn that people have are genetically modified. That is why people are still debating about the incorporation of the GMC in the platter of the public before thoroughly researching its effects and side-effects because experts have agreed that adequate tests were not run to understand the GMO foods and their carcinogenic properties fully.  And now Genetically Modified Crops are ingredients of almost every food products we consume. Those are why go to foods labeled GMO-free or buy crops which are Organic always.

No Shortcut Popcorns, Go Old-Fashioned

Sure it feels fun to just make a bucket of popcorn in your microwave within minutes and enjoy a movie on your couch while eating them, but did you know how carcinogenic these microwave popcorns are? The very chemically lined bags in which they are packed to the contents themselves, microwave popcorns have been debated to be an important factor causing lung cancer. The kernels or the oil found or any parts of the ingredients are very likely to be GMO. Also, the butter popcorns do not contain actual butter but an artificial butter flavoring substance which contains diacetyl which is extremely toxic to human bodies. Make popcorn the way your parents used to do, in the old-fashioned ways, it will taste better, will not produce toxic fumes and all in all, would not be carcinogenic.

Cannot Take Canned Foods

As faster life has become, people have lesser and lesser amount to cook and prepare food. This is where canned foods come in. Wholesome prepared beverages which just need to be warmed up and poured into your plate, but do you know what else you are pouring? Cancer. Cans are lined with Bisphenol-A (BPA), and these have been proven to have gene altering properties. Various plastic goods, thermal papers, dental composites, water lines also have BPA as an ingredient. Protect yourself from cancer by eating fresh and frozen vegetables and other food items which have no added ingredients.

No Chilling With Grilling

Grilled foods are delicious and especially famous now for their low-cal and diet-approved servings, but scientists have found out that grilling red meat or processing them like they do while making hot dogs, bacon, bologna, loaf, prosciutto, sausages, actually release Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines, a carcinogenic. Grilling alters the chemical and the molecular structures of meat. Processed meats have chemicals and preservatives including sodium nitrates which make the appearance of the food appealing and fresh, it also becomes carcinogenic when heated or is exposed to high acidity. Excessive salt and chemicals used to process meats increase the risk of early death. So you better stick to baking or boiling or making curries of meat, which is grass-fed, organic and hormone-free, rather than grilling them

Refined Is Not Fine

The biggest carcinogenic food in the history is high fructose-containing syrup (HFCS) and various other refined sugars. Brown sugar also is very refined white sugar with some of the unwanted molasses added again to retain the flavor and color. Refined sugar and the foods containing them are significant sources of insulin spikes and help the growth of cancer cells. Also, the majority of sugar supply is made from genetically modified sugar beets. Thus, organic honey, maple sugar or coconut sugar can be healthy alternatives. The situation is so grave that oncologists are using medicines for diabetes to stop the growth of cancer cells. Mutated cancer cells and tumors show a profound affinity for refined sugar and feed on them to increase themselves.

And Of Course, Alchohol

Following the tobacco abuse, alcohol is the leading cause of cancer. A restricted amount of alcohol can lower the risk of heart disease. But over indulgence can result in a stroke or a heart failure and most importantly, Cancer. Alchohol causes cancer in mouth, esophagus, liver, mouth, colon, rectum and breast cancers.

No Salt, No Pickles, No Smoke

Salt, pickles improve the taste of the food drastically, and smoked foods are a rage these days. But these food products contain preservatives like nitrates, which increase the shelf life if these foods. These additives used in processed foods accumulate in your body over a long time. Eventually, these toxins start damaging your cells and lead to cancer. When smoked foods are prepared at a high temperature, then nitrates get converted to cancer-causing nitrites. Also, smoked meat catch tar from the smoking process and this tar are infamous for causing lung cancer.

Thumbs Down To Beverages

Scientists hate soda and other carbonated beverages as much as people love them. For nearly two decades scientists have been voicing its cancer-causing properties. They are filled with high fructose-containing syrup and dyes and a host of the other chemicals. It is bad for every aspect of your health. They have no nutritional value but takes off nutrients from your body whenever you consume them. Diet Beverages are made of aspartame and aspartame are as harmful as rat poison for human cells.

No Flour In Your Garden

The flour, pristine white and chalky that people consume is refined and thus good for nothing. When flour is refined, all of its nutritional values are removed. Then t has to be bleached with chlorine gas so that you get more impressed with the whiteness of the flour. The glycemic index is very high for white flour, and this spikes your insulin levels without actually providing any nourishment. Carbohydrates are converted to sugars in your body and products that have excessive white flour in them can result in insulin resistance eventually. Simple sugars such as refined carbohydrates are leading sources of cancer.

Start Fishing

Commercial fish farming has been industrialized to a massive extent. Very common fishes like Salmon involve growing the humongous number of fish in a very crowded environment. More than 60% of the fishes consumed in the United States are delivered from commercial farming where fishes are treated with antibiotics, pesticides and other chemicals that are carcinogenic. All the chemicals controlling the bacterial, parasitic and viral attacks are a must since soo many fishes are crammed into such a small space. So always try to grab wild fishes because commercially farmed fishes also lose certain crucial nutrients like omega-3.


Avoid Hydrogenated Oils

Vegetable oils are retrieved from the source vegetables, then chemically treated and then more chemicals are added to alter their fragrance and taste. Then they are packed with omega-6 fats are very unhealthy and can change the structures of the cell membranes.

No Bread, Just Wine

Most bread, baked products, and starchy supermarket foods are laced with potassium bromate. The chemical which is often called Brominated Flour speeds the process of manufacturing and helps the bread be whiter and bulkier. BUT these additives take a serious toll on your health. Potassium borate a cause nervous system disorders and is a potential human carcinogen. It is banned in countries like U.S., U.K., Canda, and Brazil. Just check out the ingredients list of the items during your next bakery shopping and be careful not to buy stuff with Potassium Bromate.