Deadly malware effects ORACLE Micros POS systems

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ORACLE Micros POS systems

A cybersecurity provider reveals a deadly malware that effects on ORACLE Micros POS systems. The malware, CVE-2018-2636, accesses the important files from the affected POS systems, and attackers can easily gain full access to the POS systems.

The malware focuses on the Simphony POS programming suite. Generally, the software used in restaurant businesses. While, the vulnerability is difficult to exploit, but allows an attacker to compromise the applications over HTTP without the need for authentication.

ERPScan, the Cybersecurity provider, says, if a user access to the vulnerable URL from the MICROS workstation including services that contain usernames and encrypted passwords to connect to the database, and get information about service-Host. So, the attacker first robs the DB usernames and password and gain full access to the DB.

Security researcher Dmitry Chastuhin, says, an attacker could take advantage of a directory traversal vulnerability in oracle Micros EGateway application service. With the service, attacker could also get customer names, email, mobile numbers, debit and credit cards.

According to cybersecurity researchers, nearly 170 Micros POS systems exposed on the internet. The severity of the malware is 8.1 out of 10. Worldwide, the bug affects around 300,000 Oracle POS Systems.

Oracle said, earlier this month the flaw has been fixed. The complexity of the attack is high, but the vulnerability is at the high end of the severity scale.

While, ERPScan has released a script on Github so MICROS system admins can check if their environments are vulnerable.

While, this type of attacks may increase further, because in current technology the cyber attacks will give hackers more chances to exploit systems.