Apple unveils Home Pod smart assistant speaker


Apple with its new Home pod into the market began accepting the preorder from Jan 26 and sale on Feb 6 in three regions US, UK, and Australia and later globally. We make you understand the key features of apple Home pod built with new technology.

The Home Pod will launch into the high end of the smart speaker market. Priced at $349, £319 or AU$499 with two colors space grey and white. Siri has been relatively well integrated into Apple’s ecosystem of mobile apps. But Apple says the HomePod will also support some non-Apple messaging apps, like WhatsApp. As well as other voice-controllable functions via Siri, such as note-taking in Evernote.

The Home Pod will also control home devices, for example, lights and indoor regulators, and will fill in as the equipment central command for Apple’s smart home, Home Kit. As of not long ago, Home Kit applications restricted to the iPhone and iPad. So the standalone speaker will make them more open and clearly more abundant.

Get connected with all apple music services, you need to Tap or hold + or – for volume up/down, Touch and hold for Siri, Tap to play/pause music or Siri, Double-tap to skip, Triple-tap to skip back. And for third-party apps like Spotify, you won’t be able to play songs via Siri voice commands.

Apple has played up the Home Pod’s acoustic features and specs. Such as real-time acoustic modelling, audio beam-forming and multi channel echo cancellation. The Home Pod also has Bluetooth 5.0. We don’t know what ports and connectors the Home Pod will have. Home Pod requires an Apple device capable of running iOS 11 for the setup process.

Apple fans should wait until Feb 9 to know more confirmations on the product.