Google apparently working on a cloud gaming service, Yeti

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Google cloud gaming service

Tech giant Google creates a revolution in the current technology by releasing their innovative products. Now, the company enters into the entertainment industry with the launch of a cloud gaming service.

Yeti, Google’s new game streaming service would deliver games to its media player Chromecast. It performs similar to streaming services like NVIDIA’s GeForce Now and Sony’s PlayStation.

The game streaming services offer to users would pay a membership fee to access a collection of games, which run on a remote device and streamed over the Internet.

The service won’t require for downloading and local storage capacity. It depends on a stable Internet connection, so the service may not be usable by everyone.

Google Chromecast

The Yeti shows up Google’s current low-cost Chromecast hardware could reuse to transfer streaming games onto TV. As of now, Chromecast supports the fundamental tech to influence this conceivable.

Currently, google is inviting game developers to release Yeti. However, the company intends to convince developers to build Yeti-exclusive titles. Already, Google dedicated huge assets to its gaming endeavors and has neglected to draw players from market pioneers, such as Sony, Microsoft and Valve.

While, gamers already having a wide selection of platforms to pick from, Google will need to significantly differentiate itself if it’s to break into the market.

Google might intend to enter gaming when the market is experiencing significant change, giving it a chance to take players from set up services as they change to streaming membership services.