Beware iOS users from Facebook Onavo protect

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Facebook Onavo

In 2013, Facebook bought Onavo, an Israel based analytic company develops a VPN product Onavo protect. The Facebook Onavo protect, provides users with a VPN service that secures your browser history from malicious websites.

Recently, Facebook encouraging their iOS users to download the Onavo protect, by tapping on a Protect banner in the navigation menu. When you download the app, the service asks app-permissions to share data on your phone with Facebook.

According to reports, Facebook tracks their user activities with Onavo over multiple apps to learn insights about how its customer base uses third-party apps.

How Facebook uses Onavo

Last year, a popular US journal revealed how Facebook uses Onavo to track what people do on their smartphones outside of the Facebook ecosystem.

facebook onavo
Source: techcrunch

The journal explains, when a person using Onavo app or website, it diverts the traffic to Facebook’s servers and logs the action in a database, allowing Facebook to draw conclusions about app usage from aggregated data.

Using Onavo information, Facebook could verify that the Instagram Stories feature was affecting Snapchat’s business in front of when Snap unveiled moderating client development.

More than 33 million users install Onavo in both iOS and Android, around 62 percent of those installs on Android. However, Facebook may be promoting Onavo in the iOS app to urge more iOS users to download the app. But, might not know exactly what information it collects.

While, Onavo coordinates the users network communication through its own servers, it collects user’s mobile data traffic as well. Some reports said, this helps to improve and operate the Onavo service by analyzing your use of websites, apps and data.