Google new ad blocker prevent intrusive ads

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New ad blocker

To improve the chrome performance, google brings a new ad blocker that blocks ads and improves the chrome speed. Google also gets profits from ads, but the company considering customer satisfaction to protect from ads because of those that are extremely causing disruption.

In 2016, google brings a promotion blocker that wouldn’t block all ads. Recently, the tech giant has released a feature that lets users permanently mute any tab that blasts noisy, full-page advertisements.

While, the new Adblocker have already rolled out yesterday and shared some of its features and technical details. The new adblocker coming in both desktop and mobile versions of chrome and will roll out to US and EU markets.

Types of intrusive ads

Auto play videos, pop-up ads, prestitial ads and other 12 types of intrusive ads that will never again keep running on chrome. These ads take up your whole screen and don’t give you a chance to exit until a countdown expires.

The new adblocker will detects on websites that don’t follow the Better Ads Standard. This standard created by the Coalition for Better Ads, and the goal of it is to give companies a clear guideline of what ads are appropriate and which ones deemed intrusive.

Ryan Schoen, product manager at Google, said, nearly 42% of publishers already moved to other ads. Means, many sites that Google warned about this issue did not take any action but expects that many will do once they see the impact of this.

The site owners given 30 days to change their online ads in the wake of being notified of not meeting the Better Ads Standards, and if they neglect to do anything after that time apportioning, Chrome will begin blocking ads. Google has set out more details on the conditions ad filtering is connected or lifted in a help page.

For desktop users, it will alert of blocked ad shows at the address bar, and for those on Android, you’ll see a notice at the base of your screen telling you that ads have blocked. You can expel this and continue browsing, or you can extend the notice and decide to always allow ads from that site.