10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Blood Sugar Level

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What is high BSL/ Blood Sugar Level?

If any of the following is true on two different tests, you have high BSL/ diabetes.

  • FBS/ Fasting Blood Sugar above 125 mg/dl
  • RBS/ Random Blood Sugar level above 200 mg/dl
  • HbA1C test values of more than 6.5 mg/dl
  • OGTT/ Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, after two hours values above 200 mg/dl

For RBS and HbA1C, your doctor tests your BSL randomly at any time of the day. FBS and OGTT, need you need to fast for at least two hours. For OGTT, your doctor measures your FBS and BSL after two hours of drinking 75 grams of liquid glucose.

To improve your diabetes, let’s first understand what causes diabetes.

When you have food, your body converts that to glucose. Insulin is a hormone which helps you use that glucose. You have diabetes if:

  1. You don’t produce enough insulin or
  2. Insulin resistance/ your body does not respond well to insulin or
  3. Both

Here are few ways that help your body respond well to insulin as well as produce enough insulin.

10 simple tips to improve your blood sugar level

  1. Regular exercise such as walking

Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, for at least 5 days a week improves your insulin sensitivity/ your body’s response to insulin.

  1. Try to stay as physically active as possible.

Do household chores. Take stairs instead of elevators.

  1. The timing of exercise is important.

Try to stay physically active after every meal. It helps your body produce insulin.

  1. Avoid sugar/ sweets/ high-calorie foods such as potatoes.

They increase your BSL. Have high fibre and low-calorie foods such as cucumber and turnip

They help you maintain your ideal BSL.

  1. Do not skip meals.

Try to have food at the same time every day and try to have a balanced meal. Include proteins such as kidney beans and sprouts.

  1. Have insulin boosting foods such as turmeric, fenugreek, and amla.
  2. Shed some pounds.

Just by shedding 7% of your body weight, you can greatly improve your insulin sensitivity. Try to have a light dinner. It helps you control your weight. Sometimes we end up doing so many things in the day to shed pounds but fail in the last mile which is actually the most important milestone. The simple logic if you don’t burn the calories which you consume, they deposit in your body and add on to your body weight. Have an early dinner so that you have enough time to burn extra calories. If you dine late and sleep after some time, all your efforts which you did in the day to reduce weight may vanish.

  1. Avoid stress.

Stress causes diabetes. Meditation and yoga help you cope with stress.

  1. Sleep adequately

Lack of healthy sleep causes diabetes! Sleep at least for 7 to 9 hours at a stretch each day.

  1. Group up with like-minded people.

It helps you stick to your goals as you can understand each other well and motivate each other.

Meet your doctor regularly

Talk to your doctor to avoid hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a state wherein your BSL/ Blood Sugar Level is below permissible limits. If you work out a good fitness plan with your doctor, you can reach a stage wherein you will no longer need diabetes medicines!