Hackers crack Microsoft UWP apps

spinonews Microsoft UWP apps

Microsoft UWP (Universal Windows Platform), an application platform designed to allow apps, programs, and games to run across many devices. With UWP, develop your own apps with just one API set, one app package, and one store to reach all Windows 10 devices and access any hardware.

While, Hackers crack a Microsoft UWP game. Codex, a video game piracy group has violated the Microsoft UWP protection for Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection. The game Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection became the first victim at the hands of CODEX.

Layers of DRM

They violate the 5 different layers of DRM that come with games, including windows store, MSStore, UWP, EAppX, XBLive, and Arxan. All these security layers prevent any form of piracy or data tampering.

microsoft uwp
Source: flickr

CODEX stated, this is the first scene release of a UWP game. In this manner, we might want to call attention to that it will work on Windows 10. This game requires Windows 10 version 1607 or more current version.

While, the cracked version of Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection should not be played while connected to the internet. So, there’s at least one downside to not spending the $29.99 USD to just get a legitimate copy.

On other side, CODEX started their crack with a rather obscure game, whether this game had some sort of weakness they could exploit, or maybe they’re just big fans of the game. In any case, they could demonstrate that UWP can crack.