Total War Arena Open beta starts rolling

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Total War Arena Open beta

Total War Arena, a free-to-play game developed by a British video game developer Creative Assembly. Now, the Creative Assembly pleased to announce Total War Arena Open beta starts rolling rolling from Feb 22, 2018.

Joshua Williams, Developer Communications at Creative Assembly, said, the game Total War Arena inspired by Total War Shogun 2’s Avatar conquest system, as that was the first time that the developers saw the demand for a competitive Total War.

The Total War series games are single-player experience, although the game titles in the series have had multiplayer co-op campaigns.

New beta version plays differently

Compared with other games in the Total War series, the new beta version plays differently. The gameplay contains familiar components to veterans, but there is a high emphasis on speed and teamwork. Instead of depending individually, players should work with partners to win battles.

Normally, the battles in the Total War Arena typically take a greatest of 15 minutes, but in the latest version spending an hour or more in a single battle.

Players take part in big 10 vs 10 strategic battles, where each group control three units with warriors and clash across battlefields. Right now, there is a total of four groups, including the Greeks, Romans, Barbarians and Carthaginians. These groups led by some of history’s finest leaders, such as King Leonidas and Julius Caesar.

Creative Assembly said, there are no plans to release Total War Arena on consoles, as the game was built for the PC. While, Total War Arena engaged to arrive at some point in 2018.