iOS users: Now your iCloud data stored on Google cloud servers

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iCloud data stored on Google cloud servers

Apple team up with Google for the data security of their iOS users. The company’s iCloud service now stored in Google cloud servers. While, Apple doesn’t reveal which iCloud data stored on Google’s servers, and how that data encrypts.

Generally, Apple iCloud service offer their users to store personal information up to date across Apple devices. But, last month, Apple released an iOS security documentation that explains Apple iCloud uses the Google Cloud Platform, also AWS S3 storage service, to store encrypted Apple files.

iOS security documentation

While, Apple has previously used Microsoft Azure cloud computing service along with AWS S3. According to some reports, Apple explores this option to cut costs with Amazon way back in March of 2016. While, Apple’s documentation does not say when the use of Google Cloud began, though.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, Apple’s core business model is not adapting user data to be a value proposition in the marketplace. He was attempting to recognize Apple’s stages from those offered by Google.

While, the storage of user iCloud data on google service may appear to threaten at first look, but it may not. In the document Apple mentions that, we take care to assure that users data is encrypted and stored without any user-identifying information. So, despite the fact that the data facilitated by Google, it is not accessible in any useful way by Google.

Also, Google respects the data of its enterprise customers, which may worth a huge number of dollars. Apple says, this move is not about user’s data privacy, it’s about getting signs of improvement arrangement and decreasing dependence on AWS.