What is Detox Diet?

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Benefits of detoxification in todays health tips

Body Detoxification

Detox means removing harmful or potentially damaging substances from our bodies, our environment and our diet.

Detox Diet

This refers to the detoxification with foods that you consume. Giving our bodies a rest from foods which may cause stress or strain on our digestive systems is a good way to start a detox. Sugar can be one such food as it usually highly processed and stripped of much of its good nutrients ends up as refined sugar.

Substituting refined sugar for fruit sugars is one place to start. Refined sugar can cause energy spikes and crashes. Foods rich in refined sugars include packaged cakes, biscuits, sweets, ice-creams, fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, sweets, many canned drinks, canned fruits and vegetables as well as some food sauces also contain refined sugar.

If you feel the need for an energy hit, eat some fruit. Fruit is naturally high in fruit sugar which is called fructose. Fresh fruit is also high in vitamins so you get goodness and energy