March 2018 Xbox free games arrive on Xbox One and Xbox 360

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March 2018 Xbox free games

Microsoft brings March 2018 Xbox free games to the Xbox players with Xbox live gold subscriptions that can start soon. In the deal, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One services are each getting two free games. While, Xbox One players can access all four titles most of the time.

The Xbox Live Gold members can download the motor cycle game, Trails of the Blood Dragon, on Xbox One. The game features only a single-player mode, they can choose between two playable characters named Roxanne and Slayter. While, the free game available on Xbox One from March 1-31.

Superhot, the other free game release on Xbox One for Games with Gold for March, which introduces in 2016. However, it requires players to primarily use the ammunition and guns that they get from the enemies they kill. While, the game will add to the list on March 16 to April 15.

For those who have Xbox 360 consoles pick up, Brave. It is Disney Interactive Studios’ video game places you into the part of Merida in mythical Scotland. Which plays on Xbox One through backwards compatibility, also consolidates motion controls through the Kinect camera.

Brave is an adventure game, also features puzzle components that must solve with the help of Mérida’s young triplet brothers Harris, Hubert, and Hamish plus Elinor.

Quantum Conundrum, the other Xbox 360 game is also listed as one of the free games for March 2018. The game released in 2012 and published by Square Enix. And mainly requires players to escape one room to another. Players must be careful of toxic fluids, pits, very tall buildings as these could kill them.

The both Xbox 360 free games, Brave and Quantum Conundrum will release in Games with Gold on March 1-15 and March 16-31.