Attention Android users! Android P developer preview reveals later this month

Android P developer preview

Android P developer preview

Tech giant Google brings a surprise gift to their Android users later this month. According to rumors, Google is building up upcoming Android version, Android P (Android 9.0). Now, the company is preparing to reveal Android P developer preview to the public.

Android latest technology news is expected to debut at Google’s I/O Conference in the second quarter of the year. Before that, the company shows a developer preview that has arrived at later this month.

Evan Blass, an American phone information leaker, reveal that, in Android 9.0 google majorly focus on device security. As of now, we discuss about one feature already heavily discussed about is securing foundation applications access to your device sensors. So, the camera will only accessible to the program running in the foreground.

advanced call screening alternative

An advanced call screening alternative has also featured by some code snippets already available in the market. While, several manufacturers looking to use Apple’s iPhone X design on the rise. The new Android variant probably suits changes to the screen shows for better treatment of cut out areas.

The expectations of a ‘dark mode’ worked into the code. But, it affirmed by the developers that this will be a ‘toggle’ for designers to test dark modes in their own applications.

While, in the Android P developers added a developer-facing setting via Developer Options to toggle the night UI mode qualifier, which will make it easier for designers to make and test applications that implement night mode.

The expectations of Android P will be feature complete with no major additions before I/O and the focus will be on bug hunt over the ecosystem. While, Android P is probably going to name after something sweet. Mostly, which means an Android Pie. What’s more, March 14th is as near Pi as you will get on the schedule.