Sony unveils features of Limited-Edition God of War PS4 Pro bundle

Limited-Edition God of War PS4 Pro bundle

Limited-Edition God of War PS4 Pro bundle

Sony PlayStation 4, one of the most selling video game console in the public. God of War, the best action adventure online video games in PS4, has a lot of fans around the world. To justify the statement, the company now introduces a Limited-Edition God of War PS4 Pro bundle.

In January, Sony unveils the release date of God of War next edition, which is on April 20. Also, arranged a few editions, including the Stone Mason Edition. With the cost of $150, the Stone Mason Edition GameStop bundle comes packed with a ton of plunder that excludes the most hardcore GoW fans would want.

While, in the latest God of War trailer, Sony shows another God of War bundle. The bundle features a GoW themed PS4 Pro with a matching DualShock controller and a physical copy of the game, includes bonus digital content.

On April 20, the package will hit in the US for $400 and $500 in Canada. On the other hand, fans can now pre-order the packaged deal with Sony or Amazon.

The Limited-Edition God of War PS4 Pro will done up in shades of grey with yellow accents. The design on the top of the console imitates Kratos’ ax, which is his essential weapon in the new game. It has runes on the curved blade part of the design with a cool-looking Celtic pattern down the handle section of the overlay.

The wireless controller, DualShock has silver and dark gray and features an etched rune on the right handle. Additionally, the trackpad displays the God of War logo.

This bundle makes the fifth option for purchasing God of War. Also, players can get collector’s edition for $130, a digital deluxe edition $70, and the bare-bones standard edition $60. All versions are right now accessible for pre-orders.