Export Saved Passwords from Google Chrome

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You can enable passwords to export through the Google Chrome for other password managers. But already chrome built with password managers to sync between the specific devices whenever the user opts the new device.

New feature by Google Chrome where users can export there passwords into text file with .CSV extension. The process is simpler than earlier and for now available in Chrome Dev channel on desktop. Later, with beta version 66 in one or two weeks.

You can enable by using a flag setting. Users need to paste chrome://flags/#password-export into their navigation bar. It will enable the export passwords option in the Saved Passwords overflow menu.

As many users utilize the browser in smartphones and encounter with multiple login pages and it’s difficult to remember the passwords every time. Just you need to enter the user details and accept the pop-up above to remember. Difficult when the user changing to other browser.

steps for exporting passwords from Google Chrome

So, export your saved passwords by selecting Settings > Manage passwords, where they will see a new menu near Saved Passwords. Tapping on it gives users the option to export passwords as a CSV file. One that can be used by other password managers.

source: Beebom.com

However, Exporting feature available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android