Health benefits of Anjaneyasana in yoga


Anjaneyasana, the Low Lunge Pose energizes the body and strengthens the muscles of the legs, waist, shoulders and chest. In some places, this pose calls the Half Moon Pose. The todays health tip must perform with an empty stomach. Before starts this asana, you must have your meals at least four to six hours. Also, ensure that your bowels are empty.

Health benefits of Anjaneyasana

  • strengthen spine, abdomen and shoulders
  • improves digestion
  • reducing the lower body fat
  • helps to remove stress and anxiety
  • strengthen ankles, hip, knee and thigh muscles
  • helps to reduce back pain
  • helps to stimulate the reproductive organs
  • increases your ability to concentrate and builds core awareness
  • TAvoid this asana if you have high blood pressure and knee injuries
  • Those who have heart problems should not do this asana