New Alexa powered Ecobee’s Switch+ available for pre-order

spinonews Alexa powered Ecobee’s Switch

Ecobee’s Switch+

Canadian startup Ecobee release its new Ecobee’s Switch+ product that provide the convenience of smart home automation with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Speaker. While, the company make wi-fi enabled smart thermostats for both private and business applications.

Already, the company used Alexa-enabled speaker and voice control system into its flagship thermostat. Similar to its Ecobee4 thermostat, the new Ecobee Switch+ combines a smart, internet-connected light switch that can control with the Ecobee app.

features of Ecobee’s Switch+

The Switch+ will allow you to control light fixtures via the Ecobee app, or whenever it detects motion in the room. The switch fills with features like an integrated nightlight, automatic on and off at sunset and sunrise, and ambient light detection to turn on only when the room is dark. Also, it integrates with SmartThings and IFTTT for more advanced smart home integration.

Like the Echo Dot, the Switch+ has microphones and a speaker. The speaker is clear and crisp for Alexa’s responses or hearing spoken word content. It runs, LED light glows when Alexa reacting to a change, and then glows red when its mics disable.

While, the Switch+ support Alexa features like Echo Spatial Perception (ESP). With ESP, the speaker will respond to your command. But, other third-party Alexa devices doesn’t support calls or messaging. Also, doesn’t support Spotify, though you can use it to tune in to music, podcasts, or audiobooks from Amazon Music, Audible, Pandora, and others.

Ecobee says that other features could be added to the Switch+ via software updates, also, improved the Ecobee4 theremostat’s feature.

The price of Ecobee Switch+ is $99 in the U.S. and $119 in Canada. Already the pre-order started from Amazon and goes on sale in North American retail stores on March 26.