Battle of SmartPhones: Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs S9 Plus Vs iPhone X

spinonews Battle of SmartPhones

Wondering which SmartPhone to buy? If you’ve always been using an iPhone, it’s natural to upgrade to a newer handset in the market. But if you are an Android user, you must be wondering whether to switch from one platform to another or continue using the same. Even if you decide not to switch to a completely new platform, there are hundreds of choices to confuse you.

Whether you choose to remain loyal to your current platform or you prefer a complete change, here’s a quick and smart comparison of three most popular SmartPhones of the current time.

While Galaxy S9 and S9+ have reached almost an unbeatable place among the Android phones, iPhone X too has made a really strong holding among other apple counterparts! Let’s have a quick look at the features and prices of the three to make it easier for you to decide which of these to choose.


Here we begin with the prices of the three. Check out which fits better in your budget! Among the three, Galaxy S9 is the cheapest starting at around $720, its price ranges up to $799. On the other hand, S9+ ranges from $840 to $929. And to bring home your brand new iPhone X, you’ll need to spend one less than thousand! Priciest among the three, it costs $999.


S9 and X are almost there when it comes to their displays. Both have approximately 5.8 inches display with S9’s specifications being 2960×1440 pixels and X’s being 2436×1125. S9+ is a bit taller among the boys measuring 6.2 inches with 2960×144 pixels. If you have used any of the older Galaxy boys, you’d love these younger siblings as they are far brighter when compared. But when you compare them with iPhone X, they don’t stand the competition indoors! No doubt they are far better than X at their adaptive modes but when you use them indoors even at their highest settings they don’t get very bright while X does pretty better. It seems Galaxy boys are outdoor lovers!


Well, if you are an avid photographer; you’d better invest in a professional camera and not on a cell phone! Yet, if you want to do some really good photography using your phone instead of a camera, S9+ should be your choice. S9+ comes equipped with extra features that give better quality to your pictures.

Doubtlessly, Samsung has worked on its camera that gives you a really fine image quality. With its variable aperture lens, you don’t just get a great image quality but also the ease and freedom of balancing the light. This makes it work great even in low light situations. Also, the video quality of S9+ turns out to be the best among the three, especially when you are recording something at slow-motion as it works at 960 FPS which is far greater than X’s 240FPS. However, when it comes to suppressing outdoor noise, X performs better.

But at the same time, when you aim at clicking pictures with warmer and more vibrant colors, iPhone wins as Galaxy boys sometimes offer slightly washed out shots and also at times they tend to compromise the brightness.

Taking a quick look at the specifications, S9 offers 12-MP SuperSpeed Dual Pixel with f/1.5-f/2.4. S9+ comes loaded with 12-MP SuperSpeed Dual Pixel (f/1.5-f/2.4) along with 12-MP telephoto with 2xZoom (f/2.4). And at the same time, iPhone X offers you 12-MP wide angle (f/1.8) along with 12-MP telephoto (f/2.4).

Also, S9+ comes with several editing features for manual photo corrections.

Front Camera

Coming to the front cameras, boys are almost there with not a lot of difference. S9 and S9+ both come loaded with 8MP (f/1.7) while iPhone X offers a 7MP (f/1.7)


Both the Samsung Galaxy boys use Snapdragon 845 while X comes loaded with A11 Bionic. Now, though it isn’t that important for non-technical users, Snapdragon gives a great performance with quite a boost in speed but still, it is nowhere near A11 Bionic.


You 4GB RAM in S9  while the Plus version offers 6GB and X features 3GB (based on teardowns).

Internal & External Storage

Both the Galaxy boys give you 64GB of internal storage whereas iPhone X lets you choose between 64GB and 256GB. You can enhance your storage externally on Galaxy boys upto 400GB while Apple never gives you any external storage facility. If you are new to Apple phones, you’ll hate it but this actually proves awfully beneficial as your security increases and there is simply no chance for the viruses to come along!


S9 comes loaded with a powerful Battery of 3,000mAh with a life of approximately 10:49. S9+ has more powerful Battery of 3,500mAh giving you a slightly longer life of 10:59. iPhone X, on the other hand, offers you a Battery of 2,716mAh (the specs are based on teardowns) and its life is slightly lesser than the other two boys as it gives you a life of 10:40.

Size & Weight

Galaxy S9+ is the tallest among the three with dimensions of 6.2×2.9×0.33 inches. While S9 and X’s dimensions are 5.8×2.7×0.33 and 5.7×2.8×0.3 inches respectively.

X stands on the heavier side with a weight of 6.14 ounces while S9 and S9 Plus weigh 5.8 and 6.7 ounces respectively. However, none of the three is heavy to carry!


Apple has always been rather a sophisticated choice. It has never, up till now, offered any strange funky colors and has remained a choice of the classic and more professional users. Keeping up with its classic style it offers Silver and Space Gray to choose from. On the other hand, S9 and S9 Plus offer three cool colors namely Midnight Black, Coral Blue, and Lilac Purple.

So who’s the winner?

If your budget is slightly low but you still want a great performing SmartPhone, Galaxy S9 Plus will be the best for you. But if you have never used an Android based handheld, it will surely confuse you, just the way iOS confuses a new Apple user! S9 Plus’s camera performs slightly better than that of other two, yet X isn’t any bad when you test its overall performance. (But none of them can replace a professional camera! Don’t rely on any of them for a professional photo shoot!) Samsung offers cool colors yet a professional and classic appearance of Apple handhelds can never be denied.

Now, if you are ready to switch the platform and cost doesn’t bother you much, iPhone X will be a better choice.