Google Lens smart feature is currently available for Android users

spinonews Google Lens

In the recent tweet Google Photos just announced its official release for Google Lens, a visual search engine which recognizes the data in your images.

This feature is currently available only for Android users using official Google Photos latest version. If you still can’t see this feature, then try updating it from Google Playstore.

Google Lens can easily scan the images and display text such as phone number, dates, addresses and you can also directly call someone or save the contact. Additionally, you can also look up for books, music, addresses, etc.

Google Lens was already available for Pixel Phones but as of now it if officially available to all the Android Devices. As of now, it is only available for Android users only but iOS users will also get an update very soon.

I personally tested Google Lens and it’s working good we can easily get any type of text selections or contacts, emails, etc. It is not 100% accurate but it still manages to do the job. Here are some samples:

spinonews Google

If you are not able to see Google Lens in your Google Photos, please check if you’re Android Version is atleast 7.0 or try updating the Google Photos App. It is also expected that in future we can use this feature directly from Google Assistant.