Google Rebranded Android Wear to Wear OS

spinonews Google Rebranded Android Wear to Wear OS

Android Wear has formally rebranded to Wear OS by Google. Users are trusting that the new name is only the beginning of unique changes to the operating system for wearable technology gadgets.

The Android Wear renaming recognized by people from past weeks. All thought rebranding might be announced at the upcoming I/O designers’ meeting. Thus it will be Wear OS heading into the yearly occasion by Google.

Why Wear OS?

The name change of Android Wear to Wear OS declared through the official Google blog. Dennis Troper, the Director of Product Management for the operating system, clarified that the rebranding was fundamental because of the adjustments in innovation, associations, and in particular, in clients.

Troper mentioned as one out of each three new proprietors of an Android Wear smartwatch combined the gadget to an iPhone by match Apple. Google is hoping to take out the thought that Android Wear gadgets just work with Android cell phones. Android Pay joined with Google Wallet  renamed as Google Play.

Android Wear 2.0 launched over a year prior, and there is still no declaration on an update. Before that, gap of 2.5 years between Android Wear 1.0 and Android Wear 2.0. Google has not made its own particular smartwatch to feature Android Wear 2.0. As it did with the Pixel cell phones for Android.

With every one of these issues, Android Wear gadgets have not challenge the nearness of the Apple Watch in the wearables business.