Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game crossed 5 million players

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Microsoft XBOX one and BlueHole studios declared the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game has crossed 5 million players within three months of release.

The PC version more than 30 million copies sales, till now around 35 million. PUBG released in December for Xbox One and achieved 1 million players in first 48 hours. It hit 3 million players with start of January 2018. After that 4 million players before the finish of January. Also, now that it has hit 5 million players in three months.

PUBG infographic to demonstrate some details of the game on Xbox One till now. It demonstrates number like 5 million players on Xbox One, 4,959,456 chicken suppers served which is evidently enough to treat everybody in New Zealand to a top notch feast.

The normal time required to win game on Xbox One has been 34 minutes. 23,472,616 care bundles delivered, 144,443,812 hours played and the most prevalent mode on Xbox One has been the Squad.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds game has presented another free item called the PUBG5 coat

Different points of interest that are shared. The aggregate bandages utilized, most famous path for player’s death, and individuals who died with weapons.

To praise the turning point of achieving 5 million players, PUBG has presented another free item called the PUBG5 coat. The PUBG5 coat given to all players who claim and have initiated a character in the game on Xbox One as of March 22, 2018.

PUBG is not a free game like Fortnite. It does not even have a free trial version which may let more players hooked on. But despite these drawbacks it has held its own in the fight for retaining players against Fortnite.

In spite of these disadvantages, it has stood its ground in the battle for holding players against Fortnite.