Russian scientists reveal the shocking news about the peruvian mysterious mummies

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Mysterious mummies

A team of Russian scientists discovered the mummies in southern Peru in 2016 and collected the tissue samples. Now, the team reveal about the mysterious mummies has long lengthen head with three fingers on each hand.

Also, reveal the name of one of the mummies, Maria, a 5th-century woman believed to exist the arrival of Europeans in America. While, Scientists trust that she belonged to race that was wiped from presence because of a flood or a comet strike. While, the scientists are also studying a nine-year-old mummy,Vavita, and four other male mummies.

Professor Konstantin Korotkovfrom Russian National Research University, said,we are making a detailed analysis to see if the shape of the position of all the chromosomes, of all the amino acids, coincides with ours.

Researchers said, the tomographic scans reveal the mummies have two arms, two legs, a head, a pair of eyes and a mouth. The tissue has biological nature and their chemical composition indicates that they are humans. Just like we have,their DNA also features 23 pairs of chromosomes. All the four of them are males, each with a Y-chromosome.

Mummies look like a human, but they are not human

Korotkov said,the mummies look like a human, but they are not human. Their anatomic structure is different. They could be extraterrestrials or bio-robots.

The composition of Maria’s DNA and that of the other mummies will enable the scientists pinpoint their nationalities. The mummies could very well from some ancient tribe or an extraterrestrial race.

Apart from the odd-shaped rib cage adjusted off with some semi-circular bones the mummies also had some strange dental structures.The mouth cavities are there, but the lower jaws are not flexible and present a single whole with the rest of the skull.

According to the researchers, the mummy Maria treated in a cadmium chloride, whose anti-bacterial properties helped protect the mummy in a near-perfect state for so many years.

The Russian scientists working intimately with their Peruvian partners to study about the mysteriousancient mummies. Researchers trusts the Peruvian government will enable them to bring back the mummies in Russia later, which would enable them to break their DNA code.