Snap may launch two new versions of spectacles

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Snap Inc. claiming to be a “camera company” is working on two new spectacles one which is the second version which will be an update of the first version having a single camera only with some improvements and bug fixes.

The third version which is having two cameras, one on each side and some more extra features like 3D Video Effects, GPS, etc. which could cost around $300. They are also planning to incorporate augmented reality using Bitmoji.

These new spectacles are not yet ready; they are still under the development phase but the second version is expected to be ready by the end of 2018. The third version might take some more time and it can be expected to launched by mid of 2019.

Back in 2016, when the first version of Spectacles was launched it had initially created a lot of hype and a lot of SnapBot vending machines were installed in U.S. People were standing in line for hours so that they can grab those spectacles.

Snap Inc. had sold more than 150,000 spectacles ($130 each) but having hundreds and thousands of unsold units which caused a loss $40 million. It also expected that company will only produce limited stocks.

They will also license these wearable camera technologies to other eyewear companies such as Luxottica and Warby Parker.