Best Android Smart Watches: Best Picks of the Month (March 2018)

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Whether you are an Android loving regular watch wearer or a smart device freak looking for a new watch to buy, below is a guide to choose best of Android-based SmartWatches available on the market now.

Though Android Wear first made its presence way back in 2014 and had just a few options (such as Motorola and LG) to offer. Over the years, it has evolved a lot and today it tops the charts being one of the most popular platforms. Now when even the traditional watchmakers have adopted this Google-powered smartwatch platform for creating their finest masterpieces. There is always some or other new entrant with a number of exotic features and specs; deciding what’s best for you get trickier.

Coming across an upgrade or an update or an entire overhaul or even a brand new range of products each month is normal. So, here you’ll find only the Picks of the Month to cut down the clutter.

LG Watch Sport

Along with the launch of Android Wear 2.0, came up two brand new slick and classy options to invest your money in! Out of these two, LG Watch Sport is the higher-end option and is indeed unbeatable!

It offers just what you’d always want to have around your wrist all the time! It comes packed in a water resistant (with a superb IP68 water resistance rating) lavish AMOLED display with LTE connectivity and built-in GPS. You get an optical heart rate monitor installed in it, extra buttons, support for Android Pay, rotating dial and cool sporty look. The main button of the device placed on the right side lets you scroll through the menus. It is a cool app-enabled-wearable with 768MB of RAM offering notifications for you. Priced at $349 (on Google Play Store), you may find it a bit pricey.

The second of the two options is LG Watch Style, this is the not-so-pricey version and so cuts out some of the features you get on Sport. It doesn’t have as huge a display as that of Sport but you may rather like it as it looks pretty and stylish and isn’t so bulky. But this version won’t allow you NFC feature for mobile payments nor will it let you enjoy built-in GPS, heart rate sensor as well as the LTE connectivity. However, it offers 4GB space just like its higher-end version Sport so you can still enjoy music by storing some music files on your wearable.  It still is a cool option for you if you want a stylish little thing shining on your wrist and is cheaper than Sport as it starts at $249.

What if these LG boys don’t impress you much? Check for other picks of the month below!

Huawei Watch 2

It is the next pick of the month that comes loaded with some cool features and tries making itself a smart fitness-oriented wearable. Though it doesn’t offer any navigation button like the rotating side button on LG Sport, it isn’t that bad an option to invest in any way! It has a great battery life and looks elegant.

Its battery life is indeed amazing as it works for two-days right away and could still be saved further if you switch it to watch mode. Backed up by 768 MB of RAM and with a storage of 4 GB, you can still enjoy good music and even store different sensors for various other applications such as GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and even a heart rate monitor. With its price starting at $349, it appears a bit pricey and one may think twice whether or not to own it! However, its features make it worth its price.

Polar M600

It is another cool Android-based-fitness-tracking wearable present in the market now. M600 sports watch offers a built-in GPS, optical heart rate monitor, and support for Polar’s Flow app that lets you keep track of almost any activity like skiing, rowing, hiking and still so much more. It is pretty feature-packed wearable with 4 GB of onboard storage with an impressive battery life of two days.

Of course, it is smart and impressive but is equally expensive as it starts at $299. Now if you don’t mind spending around $300 and above, it won’t be a bad option for fitness tracking smartwatch.

Ticwatch E & S

Ticwatch comes in two different versions – the ‘E’ and the ‘S’. While E is the cheaper of the two, S is not that pricey either and has more to offer. In fact, Ticwatch is one of the most affordable Android based wearable available on the market now. Ticwatch E starts at $159 and Ticwatch S starts at $199. However, S, which is otherwise chic and sportier in appearance, comes in a bright neon green-yellow color. This makes it fit only for your morning jog or weekend sports or your evening gym hour.

Ticwatch offers you a perfect feature-packed Android smartwatch with lots of extra stuff loaded on it! So, you get a heart rate sensor along with a built-in GPS and the tough guy is IP67 water & dust resistant as well! Its minimalistic design makes it attractive and price and features make it a great option to invest in without skipping your heartbeat (which we often feel while buying pricier stuff!).