What to Expect from Apple & its WWDC this Year

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When it comes to Apple and its products an entire world of rumours, possibilities, prospects, and chances surrounds it! Speculations continue to prevail even when just a nanosecond is left for the launch of the latest products or a newer feature or addition is to hit any of its already present offshoots.

There are several speculations made for the possible things that may happen this year. iPhone expects to see three new faces this year! Well now, that’s just a speculation! It could even be four (the rumour has it!). But design changes, addition of newer features, newer and better tech specs are certainly on the cards.

Well, Apple already started the year with a bang as it released its HomePod Speaker almost at the beginning of the year. However, it is an entirely different product. So, wondering what about its other regular hardware and software products? Is there anything new already around or it is as far as the autumn?

The Good News is that Apple has recently announced its Worldwide Developers Conference which is to jump off on June 4 and continue through June 8.  And with its 29th WWDC there will be a huge splurge of announcements and most of the rumours and speculations will see the reality.

What to expect?

So much indeed! However, we’ll riffle through only the most probable ones. The ones which are almost sure of breaking the rumours off!

iOS 12

WWDC is the time when Apple is definite about previewing upcoming features of its iPhone and iPad devices. This has become almost customary and it is likely to be no different this time too! Presumptions have it that the upcoming mobile software update that this year’s conference will get to see would be named as iOS 12. And it is widely suggested that this newer update will be centring on the software’s reliability and better performance.

Of course, there will be some newer features added but the main concentration will be more on how better and safer will it perform. Wondering why Apple is being speculated to be obsessed more about its performance this time? Well, it is simply because it has seen several annoying bugs like its auto-correct changing the letter ‘i’ to ‘A’ and so on. A bug that made iPhones to crash on December 2, 2017, around midnight when the clock struck 12:15 a.m. was also in the news.

Along with its take on fixing the popular and not so popular bugs, the conference will come up with an addition of some newer features and some more promises for the year 2019 as is being reported both by insiders and market speculators.

But an Apple user is not just a Handy-user! Mac users, Apple TV viewers, Apple Watch wearers and other gizmo freaks will have their fair share of updates and new additions too! Siri is to see performance improvement and its inclusion on HomePod. This will surely keep the developers inspired.

Can we expect any Hardware Announcements?

Would we get to know a bit about New AirPods?

Well, one may argue that Apple keeps hardware products away from WWDC which is more development and developer oriented. But one cannot forget how it broke all such speculations and announced its HomePod last year at the conference. So, the rumour has it that this year we’d get to know about its upcoming AirPods! Sounds thrilling, isn’t it? If you aren’t already aware, the all-new AirPods may hit the market this year! And it will add more thrill to Siri users’ lives! Media is already busy saying that it will give a special ‘hands-free’ access to the Apple’s digital assistant!

What More?

Definitely, it will have a lot more and if you are a developer, you’ll have an entire world of exciting things! As Apple announces in its press release, it will be a golden opportunity, for millions of developers to learn more about how to create new experiences across Apple’s platforms for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac and HomePod. A broad range of robust developer APIs, including SiriKit, HomeKit, HealthKit, GymKit, MusicKit, ResearchKit, and CoreML, give developers new ways to help users take command of everything from their health and homes, to how they get around, shop and learn. 

And if you are a student you can even get a free ticket to the event! Check WWDC website, while students can look for how to grab their free tickets, other can apply for buying it from March 22. Onwards! The organisation has also announced about 350 Student Scholarships along with the opportunity to earn free tickets!

Apart from the speculations for the Conference what else are on the cards?

Weren’t we talking about the possibility of 3 new faces that iPhone may get to see this year? Let’s have a quick look at what to expect.

You can expect brand new iPhone 8S and 8S Plus to hit the stands this year. Rumours suggest it will be somewhere around September 2018 just the way in September 2017 iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X made their ways into the world. But it is rather a blind guess as it could be earlier or perhaps a little later!

Apple Watch Series will also get to see a newer member this year. Apple Watch Series 4 will hit the market somewhere around September this year. Though not much will be improved or improvised in terms of its hardware, it will come packed with a couple of upgrades along with a smarter and slimmer appearance.

What else to expect?

Surely, your iPhones and iPads will get hit by iOS12 this year! Though we’re not sure when exactly this will happen, you can expect it to by September this year!