New BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE secures Microsoft office mobile apps

spinonews BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE service

BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE service

To enhance security for mobile customers, blackberry and Microsoft team up to release BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE service. However, the new BlackBerry security service allows customers to access Microsoft mobile apps, including Office 365 services within the BlackBerry Dynamics service. Many of the blackberry customers expressed interest on the new platform.

Carl Wiese, president of global sales at BlackBerry, said, we require a hyper-secure service for our joint customers to use local Office 365 mobile apps. While, BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE addresses this need and explains how BlackBerry and Microsoft continue to securely enable workforces to be highly productive in today’s technology.

Microsoft included other blackberry services

In the deal, Microsoft included that BlackBerry Dynamics, along with the company’s Secure, UEM Cloud, Workspaces and AtHoc platforms now available in the Azure cloud, allowing more flexibility for workers on the go.

However, a Microsoft person said, our customers choose Microsoft 365 for productivity and collaboration tools that deliver security. We take this service to the next level and provide enterprises with a new standard for secure productivity.

BlackBerry’s Enterprise of Things

While, the launch is part of BlackBerry’s Enterprise of Things, it offers expanded productivity and connectivity for businesses and their employees, broadens the possible threat of cyber-attacks. The Enterprise of Things is delivering new productivity benefits identified with how we function.

BlackBerry’s software enables workflows to improve using connected things, workplaces blend across physical and virtual locations. So, employees can collaborate anywhere and anytime, and workforce’s to consistently extend across employees, contractors and partners.