World’s Smallest Computer to get Unveiled at IBM Think 2018

spinonews World’s Smallest Computer

Today, on March 19, 2018, IBM starts with its conference at Las Vegas and it will continue through March 22, 2018. As the tech giant announces it as a platform to make the world of business work smarter, this will definitely focus on their latest business ideas alongside with other live broadcasts of visionary presentations, thought-provoking sessions and inspiring conversations with influencers and thought leaders. But at the same time, the company is supposed to introduce its latest products to the world and give an insight on what special agendas it has for its clients, business partners, and others. And of course, the event will unveil the special product that it has claimed to be the world’s smallest computer!

So what will you find at the conference?

Really a lot! Starting from expeditious business and AI to most serious science & tech including cloud and data, modern infrastructure, security and resiliency, it has a lot on its agenda for the attendees. Interestingly, it will be a kind of complete-package as there won’t be just the exchange of tech and business but also a lot of room for entertainment!

While the brilliant minds that form the company’s backbone working behind its every single new invention will talk to you about everything starting from blockchain to IoT; leading entertainers from across the world will keep you entertained!

What to expect?

Expect a TOTAL-WOW experience as you’ll have an opportunity to meet the technical experts and listen to luminaries and senior leaders sharing their knowledge and experience. It will also be an occasion to boost your knowledge and get your career advanced with thousands of hands-on labs, hundreds of certifications, special DevZone and various other workshops.

As IBM calls it – “it’s like earning an advanced degree in just 4 days.” Above all, it will be a great place for networking! You will get to network with masterminds and even find future business partners and clients! The “Think Campuses” will give you a perfect Expo experience.  Along with all these and lot more, you’ll have an exclusive room for entertainment! With multi-Grammy winning bands like Train and Juno Award winner Barenaked Ladies and young & hot entertainers like Chainsmokers, your four days at the conference at Vegas will wrap you up with awesomeness.

And a Special Disclosure!!!

Today, on the very First Day of the conference, IBM Think 2018, the company is supposed to finally unveil its latest product, that has been in the news and talks as the company claims it to be the “World’s Smallest Computer” till now! Yes, you read it right, IBM claims to have created the world’s Smallest Computer and it is as small as a grain of salt! In fact, it even smaller!

When you place this tiny little thing on a pile of salt, it suddenly becomes almost invisible and even the grains of salt appear bigger! You’ll indeed need a microscope to see it properly! But this super-small computer performs just the way x86 chip back from 1990’s would perform. Did that disappoint you? But with a size that small, it is pretty powerful, isn’t it? And it has amazing possibilities as manufacture will load it up with hundreds and thousands of transistors and it will then be a really powerful device for monitoring, analyzing, communicating and even for acting right on the data!

Blockchain Applications?

Yes, you guessed it right! It will work with blockchain. This tiny little computer will work as a data source for blockchain applications and will be used for tracking the shipment of goods and will prove an amazing tool for detecting all kinds of frauds, thefts and non-compliances. Along with this super-hero like a job, it will also be a great performer of all kinds of basic Al tasks and will smartly sort out all the data given to it. The manufacturer even claims that it will hardly take about 10 cents to create these small detectives!

Today, at IBM Think, one only gets to learn about what is still the first prototype of the real product. Though its release is not yet declared, it will surely take some time to perform just the way IBM has conceptualized.  Talking about this tiny little thing, IBM says that it is just the beginning. They have a complete agenda and it will soon be working as per what they have planned. As Arvind Krishna, the Research Head at IBM says, “within the next five years, cryptographic anchors – such as ink dots or tiny computers smaller than a grain of salt will be embedded in everyday objects and devices.”

It looks like our future lies in tiniest of systems! But there is still some time to imagine a world full of tiny microscopic devices working for us! Till then check out what the ongoing conference has in its store for you and if something clicks you go book your tickets for Vegas and indulge in the four days long event!