New NASA spacecraft AR bring the 3-D spacecraft into your devices

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NASA spacecraft AR

In a joint effort with Google, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory brings a new mobile app, ‘spacecraft AR’. The NASA spacecraft AR to put virtual 3-D models of NASA’s robotic space explorers into any environment with a level surface.

The Spacecraft AR app uses Google’s ARCore technology to bring the 3-D spacecraft into user devices by using native mobile AR. While, Native mobile AR uses the built-in capabilities of a mobile device to interact with 3-D conditions and objects.

Supports Google’s ARCore technology

As of now, the initial version of the new spacecraft AR application works with Android gadgets that supports ARCore. While, add additional device compatibility soon in other gadgets, including iOS.

nasa spacecraft ar
Source: flickr

To make the experience of virtual spacecraft in space, Spacecraft AR uses Spacecraft 3-D, a previously released NASA app for the high-quality 3-D models. While, the Spacecraft 3-D works with an objective or marker. However, Spacecraft AR works with a flat surface no target required.

How to use the app?

Kevin Hussey, Manager of JPL’s visualization team, said, the Spacecraft AR app is an exciting mission to get up close and personal with NASA’s robotic missions. Also, we look forward to adding many more spacecraft features to the app in the future.

In you want to try the Spacecraft AR app, first choose the spacecraft and select among missions that observe and explore Earth, Mars and the other planets.

Once the application detects a level surface, users should tap the screen to put the spacecraft into the scene before them. They can take and share images directly from the app and view in-depth data about every mission. What’s more, for those utilizing the app in spaces that are sufficiently vast, there’s even a button to see the spacecraft at their sizes.