Google Instant Play, play the game without downloading and Purchasing

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Google on Monday launched Google Play Instant in its Google Play store. You can select one of the games in categories listed and play it without purchasing or downloading it first.

Some games initiated with this feature Clash Royale, Words with Friends 2 and Final Fantasy XV. The list includes BuzzFeed, NYTimes (Crossword), Hollar, Red Bull, Skyscanner, Onefootball Live Soccer Scores

Google said it has overhauled its Google Play Games application with an “Arcade” tab to demonstrate video trailers. New labels like “New” or “Action” easy to locate a specific kind of game. Google to indicate news and YouTube videos identified with their most loved games.

Google has announced Editor’s Choice tab in Play store which is now live in 17 countries. Games tend to be some of the highest-downloaded content on mobile devices. Google noted in its blog post that the number of Android technology users who installed a game in the last year has more than doubled. But it’s also a competitive field where one hit can make or break a company.

Google Instant Play allowed companies to turn any Android app into a website URL

The developers as other application creators, can focus on their most recent offerings. Offering a path for users to give them a try before downloading could gain the quantity of users.

Google Play Instant builds on Google’s Instant Apps feature from two years ago. It allowed companies to turn any Android app into a website URL. That meant users could access features of an app without having to download it.

Google made the Google Play Instant announcement as part of this week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Moreover, the organization has additionally presented the Google Play Security Reward Program to boost security for Android applications including Google’s own particular applications. However, the program will enable Google to discover vulnerabilities and tell engineers by means of security suggestions on the best way to settle them.