Nimbus Data Brings out World’s Largest SSD with 100TB Storage Space

spinonews SSD with 100TB Storage

If you have always felt that any of those 1TB or 5TB storage drives were more than enough, perhaps you were wrong! And if you ever thought the 30TB drive would save a lifetime of documents, data, movies, music, game and what not, you need to rethink! While the world was busy feeling satisfied with 30TB or 60TB SSD drive, Nimbus came up with their all new 100TB drive!

If your head is spinning, simply sit down and relax but no kidding, it is true! As it claims, ExaDrive DC100 is the world’s largest 3.5 inch SSD with a storage space of 100TB. Go save anything and everything you ever come across! No need to delete anything just because you have no space!

Interestingly, this all-new storage device doesn’t just offer the world’s largest capacity to store your data. It claims to be the world’s most energy efficient device and will only use 80% to 90% lesser power compared to other SSDs. It is estimated to use only 0.1 watts per terabyte. Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

Well, the company came up with the product especially for the enterprises as they have so much to save that they almost always face storage scarcity. However, there is no such rule that you can’t use this brand new device if you don’t hold an enterprise! Also, it is way far handier than one would guess it to be. With its 3.5 inches standard design, you can easily pop it into your PC tower and keep storing all that you want. Perhaps, it marks the end of storage issues!

Wondering how good or bad will it really perform? Not much to worry! Though it doesn’t claim to be the fastest thing on earth, still, its speed matches with the enterprise-grade SSDs. You get the possibility for “balanced performance” which avails you with up to 100K read/write IOps.

Still wondering how much should 100TB actually store?

Stop calculating, it indeed means – a whole lot! But to give your over-thinking mind a rest, you can compare it with latest Samsung SSD that offers 30TB space. That device with mere 30TB space lets you store approximately 5,700 HD movies! Aha! Sounds like a whole lot, isn’t it? Now calculate a bit more – Nimbus 100TB SSD will be far more than the triple times of what Samsung 30TB has in its offer. If you are a movie fan, let’s calculate it in terms of movies again! It will be like storing more than 17,000 HD movies!

Now, after all this excitement, it is time to make your enthusiasm a little low! Well, the company has not yet announced the price of the product. And it is expected to be really high! So, creating a lifetime of storage will also mean creating a hole in your pocket!