Human stem cell treatment may be an effective therapy for alcoholism

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Human stem cell treatment

To find a better treatment for alcoholism, researchers from Chile find a new study involving human stem cell treatment and lab rats may possibly be the way to finding a cure for alcoholism. Currently, 17 million adults have an alcohol use disorder.

According to the reports, roughly 88,000 people are lost every year to alcoholism. The addiction has shortened the lives of those who died by 30 years. Around, 17.5 billion American adults consume alcohol every year.

In the research time, the team regularly supplies both water and vodka to the rats. Every day, the rats consumed over one bottle of vodka, i.e., equivalent of the human taken. Although the rats given a choice of drinking water, but they consume alcohol.

Human mesenchymal stem cells

After the period of binge drinking, the rats get stable without any alcohol for two weeks. At the end of this period, the researchers turned to human stem cells as a cure for the rat’s alcoholism and injected the rats with small-sized human mesenchymal stem cells.

While, the researchers separated mesenchymal stem cells from fat cells and grown in special conditions, for making an intravenous administration. After the stem cell injection, the lab rats re-introduced to alcohol. Following 48 hours, researchers concluded that the rats drunk up to 90 percent less alcohol.

This study also helpful for the treatment of alcohol-use disorders. The results revealed that the stem cell injection reduced the brain inflammation and oxidative stress in the alcoholic rats.

In spite of the fact that this study appears like an encouraging chance to discover a cure for alcoholism. Researchers said that clinical trials with people must be led to test for viability of it.