Important Foods in your kids diet

spinonews kids diet

You must concentrate on the Important Foods in your kids diet to gain potential growth and better immunity in them. If you follow the steps from below children can be happier with good health.


Eggs packed with protein and DHA that help in the proper growth of your baby’s brain.

Cow Milk

Cow’s milk is the best source of protein and calcium for your kid.


Yogurt contains good bacteria, which can help your kid grow healthier.


Fruits are naturally sweet and a popular snack among children. Suggested for kids to take 1.5 cups of fruit every day.

Wheat Bread

Feed your kids with wheat bread and whole grains by making a sandwich

Dry fruits& nuts

Include nuts in your kid’s diet. Walnuts have the healthiest benefits than all other nuts.


Popcorn source of whole grains and low in calories and fat, air-popped popcorn considered as healthy food for children.