Samsung Note 9 to include Fingerprint Sensor right into the Screen

spinonews Samsung Note 9

Samsung is busy evolving its technology through bettering its smartphones. It is focused on bringing best of devices as Galaxy S9 and S9+ already enjoy being two of the most popular and top-selling Android based handsets in the market. But the speculations say that its upcoming release, namely Note 9 will be a further leap into technological advancement.

So, what will make the upcoming release so special? According to a report from ‘The Korean Herald’, it is going to come packed up with finger sensor built right into the phone’s display! The report states that perhaps Samsung has discovered how one can include fingerprint sensor right below the glass display.

Samsung Display is also reported to have “prepared three or four solutions for Samsung Electronics to embed the fingerprint sensor inside the main display” for the upcoming Note 9.

Interestingly, there is a contradiction here as the previous reports from the company’s display handle had claimed that the company would not include the feature as certain usability features of the device such as responsiveness and certain accessories were facing challenges. For instance, on placing a screen protector the reliability of fingerprint scanning weakened.

Perhaps, the company has recently discovered some ways to overcome all the challenges that it was facing until recently! Notably, Samsung was always under a great pressure for creating fingerprint sensors that could be embedded right into the screen. This was because other Chinese phone companies such as Vivo already had special features making competition tough!

For instance, Vivo already offers phones in-display readers. This suggests that biometric security systems on phones are far to go. Fingerprint sensors are not what they should work upon. It is Facial recognition that they need to work upon instead. This is the only way for most handset making companies to beat the present competition!

As iPhone X has already gone far with its 3D face recognition that uses Face ID. Apple dropped its Touch ID fingerprint sensor and went in for face recognition for better biometric security. It is time for most of the leading phones on the market to look for similar technologies. Samsung Galaxy too uses face recognition technology in the form of its own 2D based face unlocking system along with iris scanners available on Galaxy S8 and S9. But these are still far behind Apple’s Face ID.

At the moment, most of the Android devices developing built-in fingerprint options are suffering from some drawbacks such as slow operation, etc even when they are quite intuitive in nature. If Samsung has already overcome all such minor issues like slow operation and so on, it surely steps ahead in the market!

As it appears rather unbelievable for tech investigators to have such a flawless feature working already, Samsung will gain a lot of popularity once it has the feature embedded. Right now only speculations are being made! Earlier, Samsung fixed its fingerprint sensor location from S8 to S9. It is now doing better on S9 being placed right below its rear camera. Maybe next step that the phone maker takes will completely overhaul the working and placement of its fingerprint sensors!

However, there is still a lot of time to wait! Its next flagship release is expected to hit the market by sometimes in the autumn this year. Let’s wait and see if the rumours really turn out true!