New Mozilla Tool Limits Facebook from Tracking User Data

Spinonews New Mozilla Tool

Ever since Facebook is surrounded by controversies after the latest Cambridge Analytica debate, users are either reluctant to use the social site or are worried about their data. Companies like Playboy are deleting their accounts and celebrities and bigwigs are busy joining #DeleteFacebook campaign.

Zuckerberg’s recent announcement about the addition of data security features also doesn’t seem to have satisfied the outraged users. However, Mozilla has a piece of good news for the terrified users.  Though most users are almost ready to delete their FB account but they still cannot do it as it is the only way to stay connected to their family and friends. If you are one such user, you don’t have to delete your account anymore! All you have to do is to use this latest tool from Mozilla on your browser.

This tool will allow you to open Facebook inside it keeping it completely unaware of all your other web activities. So, when opened inside this tool, Facebook doesn’t get to know what pages you usually open, what kind of searches you regularly make and thus, it won’t be able to target its ads and messages based on your personal data.

“There’s an important conversation going on right now about the power that companies like Facebook wield over our lives. These businesses are built on technology platforms that are so complex; it’s unreasonable to expect users to fully understand the implications of interacting with them. As a user of the internet, you deserve a voice and should be able to use the internet on your own terms. In light of recent news on how the aggregation of user data can be used in surprising ways, we’ve created an add-on for Firefox called Facebook Container, based on technology we’ve been working on for the last couple of years and accelerated in response to what we see in terms of growing demand for tools that help manage privacy and security.”Mozilla wrote in its blog post.

Though the post also clarifies that “The type of data in the recent Cambridge Analytica incident would not have been prevented by Facebook Container,” it further suggests “But troves of data are being collected on your behavior on the internet, and so giving users a choice to limit what they share in a way that is under their control is important.”

Mozilla further guides the users that Facebook is not the only case to be worried about as people use hundreds of applications, one must check their policies and take a step to keep their personal data safe. It is true that almost every site that you visit and every app that you use uses cookies and collects information from your device. Thus, to stay safe from Cambridge Analytica like scandals, one needs to keep their eyes open and take measures to keep data safe.

Users can now rely on Mozilla’s tool for using social media safely. Yet, being aware and a smart user are equally important. As the blog further says, “Facebook isn’t unique in their practice of collecting data from your activity outside of the core service, and our goal is not to single out a particular organization, but to start with a well-defined problem that we can solve quickly. As good privacy hygiene, it’s also worth reviewing your privacy settings for each app that you use regularly.”