Why Nvidia stopped its self-driving car test after Uber crash?

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Nvidia stopped its self-driving car test

Chipmaker Nvidia has its own fleet of self-driving cars and finding to expand its automotive, but the company temporarily paused its self-driving car test.

Actually, Nvidia provides their automotive technology to the ride-sharing company Uber. Now, Nvidia has stopped self-driving test program in the outcome of a recent accident at Arizona involving an Uber vehicle.

Chief Executive Officer Jen-Hsun Huang, said, this is the incident happens because of AI problem and we think we can solve this. While, Nvidia’s stock fell 6.6% to $228.31 in New York after earlier falling as low as $225.77. The shares gained 26% this year through Monday’s close.

According to Nvidia, Automotive is a key focus, because its chips are perfect for running image-recognition software needed to turn camera pictures into driving decisions.

Nvidia new virtual-reality product

On Tuesday, Nvidia introduced a new virtual-reality product that will mimic the conditions automated systems that will face on the roads. The Nvidia Drive platform provides self-driving hardware with enough virtual experience in difficult situations to become proficient in the time.

While, the product, Drive Constellation, is comprised of two computers. One computer simulates inputs from cameras and sensors, and the other uses that data to make smarter road operations in the virtual environment. The two operate in a loop.

Danny Shapiro, senior director of Nvidia’s automotive business, said, in a virtual environment the AI systems can test in all scenarios, such as lighting conditions. Dangerous scenarios can play out repeatedly with no risk.

While, Nvidia said the Drive Constellation system will be available starting in the third quarter this year.