Twitter Launches Timestamps – Now Share your Live Videos at any Specific Time

spinonews Twitter Launches Timestamps

Twitter has just rolled out its latest feature named Timestamps. This unique new feature will now allow you to tweet a live video or a replay that starts exactly at that very moment when you want it to. Twitter was inspired to bring out this feature after seeing its users ‘tweet’ their live videos together with specific time in the video as they want to specify the particular moment of the time.

Until now if users wanted their followers to check their live videos but only at some specific moment, they had to write the time where they needed to start. Say, for instance, you posted a live video but the most interesting or intriguing moment is only after the first 20 seconds, you would write to your followers to replay the video starting at 00:30 so that they know what exactly you want them to look for. But now with Timestamps, you won’t have to write the details anymore. The feature makes it clear what should your followers actually watch the video and at what time.

Using Timestamps is super simple. All you have to do is to simply tap into the share a live video. After this, the video will pop up and you’ll be able to select the (exact) time from where you want your followers to actually start watching the video by simply using the scrollbar.  Once you are done with the scroll bar, simply add the description you want to add and hit the share button! There you are done with the task!

Anyone who will see your tweet will get to watch the video right from the time that you have specified while posting the video. Also, if your broadcast continues to be live, users will have the option to select the ‘live’ button for skipping forward to your current broadcast.

Twitter has rolled the feature out just yesterday and now it is available for all the Android and iOS Twitter apps along with Twitter browser site as well as Periscope. If you have not already used it, go and hit your live video tweets to your followers with something exciting to watch!