Samsung now lets you show GIFs on its Always-On Display

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Samsung Show GIF Always-On Display

Samsung has interesting new feature for its users.  The SmartPhone’s Always-On Display will now have more personalization options for its users.  This new feature will allow users to have GIFs showcased right on the screen of their phone in its sleep mode says Android Police. Always-On Display shows up right on your phone whenever you lock it. Its main tasks include bringing up on the screen your notifications, showing time, informing you about the remaining battery percentage along with some other important and useful information.

Users will have complete freedom to choose the color they prefer, set the clock style of their choice and so on. Other than these, several other aspects of the Always-On Display makes your handset pretty more user-friendly as you get more freedom to customize the way you like.

Samsung always had this opportunity for the users to choose either from the available preloaded images or pick the photos of their choice along with the above list of indicators. In fact, it is a great place to put a picture of your liking – say of your partner or of your kids or of some other family member or maybe just some silly click or meme! However, with this latest opportunity to have GIFs on the screen, your creativity gets far more options!

Samsung not only comes with GIF options included to its latest update to its AOD feature but also offers you complete freedom to use any of the GIFs right from your photo library. This way you get to do cool things and stay creative all the time but one needs to remember that the feature also puts a limit to the maximum length. Also, at the same time, Samsung takes care of your battery! Thus, just to save your battery it doesn’t loop GIFs endlessly. In other words, this fun to use feature will be available to you in a fun-to-use way without becoming too superfluous and it will play just once.

But according to Android Police, this feature can be extended. Instead of playing is just once (as is originally offered by the app) one can also add another loop to the GIF simply by double tapping on it.

Notably, GIF option will not be available on the older version of the AOD software. It is available only on the current version, which, at present, is So, if you really want to use this latest feature and have some fun around the GIFs, don’t forget to update your software first! GIF will work on AOD of Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 8. But it will soon be available on S9 and S9+ also.