Benefits of Gluten-free diet

spinonews gluten-free diet

A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes the protein gluten. Gluten found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, tricale.

The claimed benefits of Gluten-free diet are improved health, weight loss and increased energy.

According to the Food and Drug Administration rules, must have fewer than 20 parts per million of gluten in labeled foods.

Grains (including bread, pasta, rice, crackers), specifically whole grains, are an important part of a healthy diet.

Grains are high in fiber, which keeps you full and helps with digestion. Though many grains have gluten, a wide variety are naturally gluten-free.

Gluten-free diet foods with these labels

Naturally gluten-free food

A prepared food that doesn’t have a gluten-containing ingredient

Food that has not cross-contaminated with gluten-containing ingredients during production

Food with a gluten-containing ingredient that has processed to remove gluten