Is Snapchat really a New Kind of Camera for the family?

spinonews a New Kind of Camera

After years being a platform for youngsters to hide it all from the family, Snapchat is finally pitching itself as a platform for the family. It recently aired its first-ever TV ad pitching itself to an entirely new set of audience. Yes, your parents! Yes, you read it right and it is way too unbelievable!

Ever since it made its way to the world as a social media platform about 6 years back, it has been a favourite platform for the young adults. The reason behind its popularity was that it came handy for sharing things that won’t last. Youngsters and teens loved the platform as they got to share what they would never want their parents to see!  The ability to make your posts fleeting gave a new kind of possibility to share the things that you don’t really want to hang on there for long!

But now the company is pitching itself in exactly opposite manner! Its latest ad suggests it to be “a camera, where how you feel matters more than how you look”. And to make this point clearer and more vivid, it brings in everyone starting from old grandmas and grandpas to new parents with their little messy babies. It is trying to project itself as an easier way to click pictures for all. Thus, picks up a whole family trying to fit in the camera, pet lovers trying to fix their pet’s picture somewhere in the photos and so on.

Wondering if it really makes any point? Surely, no youngster (the major users of the platform) will ever want their parents, or grandparents, or anyone else from their families to use the platform! After all, it is the place where they share only what they cannot share with them in general! It cannot be a “camera” clicking your “feelings” for a platform for warm-family moments. It has always been a place to post crazy and shitty things! Once infamous for things like sexts (though it does not enjoy that much of infamy anymore!), it is a place for ephemeral photos and videos that people like to click right from the middle of a secret midnight party or from bedrooms at 3 a.m.!

Then why is the company projecting itself differently in its advertisement?

Lately, the platform is not doing as great as it used to. With its latest controversies with the celebrities, it is constantly losing its charm. Ever since Kylie Jenner announced to the media that she doesn’t really use the app much, the company’s stock saw a drastic drop leading to a huge market value loss of about $1.5 billion.

Just a month back, Snapchat came across a controversy because of its ad that asked users if they “would rather slap Rihanna” or “punch Chris Brown.” The ad made both Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna condemn the social media app publicly.

With all its controversies and other issues around, celebrities are busy bidding the app their adieu. And with celebrities leaving the platform, their fans and followers are also abandoning it. With the lost charisma of the platform and its value is constantly decreasing, the company is looking for better survival options. Targeting older people and asking families to use this ‘new kind of camera’ are mere survival tactics of the platform.

Re-framing the product in an entirely opposite manner could even be detrimental. However, with its future already looking bleak, this attempt may probably help it survive!