Major earthquake hits Southern California on Thursday

spinonews earthquake hits Southern California

Earthquake hits Southern California

Earlier Thursday, an earthquake hits Southern California coast near Channel Islands with the range of 5.3 magnitude. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake touches around 12:29 p.m. PT around 39 miles southwest of Oxnard. While, the quake comes initially with a magnitude of 5.0 then upgraded 5.3 within a short time.

Some regional news reporters, said, feeling shaken in downtown Los Angeles, Koreatown, West Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department’s Office of Emergency Services announces no reports of damage and tweeted a photo taken from a fishing boat that showed dust rising from cliffsides on Santa Cruz Island.

Following the quake, the Los Angeles Fire Department survey the earthquake region. They found no damage, which was done in the air and on the ground, and no injuries reported. The Police Department also confirms no reports of damage or injuries within the city. Some light structural damage provided details regarding the islands, but there were no other reports of any injuries or major damage.

Scientists said the offshore faults that produced Thursday’s earthquake are part of the system that moves Southern California around a twist of the San Andreas fault.

Caltech scientists said, the depth of earthquake approximately 9 miles deep, which is relatively deep for a California earthquake. They said a test system on a Caltech computer sent out a warning alarm 10 seconds prior to the shaking. They described the earthquake as a “strike-slip” event.