Apple to Launch Red iPhone 8 Today


Apple is supposed to introduce a new color to its iPhone range. However, it will only introduce the new color in its 8 and 8 Plus iPhones. Red, is the new color and the company is introducing it in partnership with RED, an activists group from Africa fighting against AIDS. It was founded in 2006 by Bono (who is a frontman for U2 ) and Bobby Shriver (who is an activist from ONE Campaign) to ‘harness the power of people and companies to help fight AIDS.’

The group has a partnership with several international companies selling sundry of things starting from electronic products to makeup and fashion items. Interestingly, whatever products it sells in collaboration with world’s top business houses, they are always made available in color red! Whether it is a piece of furniture or just a T-shirt!

Thus, Apple will launch its iPhone in this unique and so (unprofessional looking) color! If the report from MacRumors is to be believed, Apple is to announce its all-new sassy colored handset today, on 9th April. Interestingly, MacRumors claims that it has viewed a memo from Virgin Mobile that has the information about the upcoming announcement from Apple. The memo suggests that the phone will be available for pre-order. But it only mentions iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and it is hard to say whether the new color will be available on iPhone X or not!

Product RED licenses its name to several popular brands for combating HIV/AIDS in several African countries that include – Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwada, Swaziland, Tanzania, South Africa, and Zambia. Apple already had been a part of a collaboration with the activist group and has already licensed its name for many of its products such as iPods, iPads. And the RED editions of these products have been available for over several years. However, it released its iPhone only last year. iPhone 7 was its first iPhone to come up in its RED edition. And now it is coming up with its 8 and 8+.

Once any product launches in collaboration with the social activist group, buyers also have an option to buy the product directly from the group’s official site. Every purchase raises a global fund to help people suffering from the deadly disease as well as towards research and development for better medication to fight the disease. If you are one of those funky color lovers, you’d surely like this special edition smartphone! And ordering it will also serve as a contribution to the noble cause!