YouTube’s Kids App is supposed to get a Non-Algorithmic Version Soon

spinonews YouTube’s Kids App

YouTube is all set to bring out its all new non-algorithm based white-listed version of its app for kids. This version will be out in the near future and the basic reason behind bringing it out is to keep kids away from the improper content. There are questionable videos, violent graphic content not fit for children that often get passed off even when the algorithms are working to restrict them. Human curators hand-selecting the right videos and keeping off the unfit ones is supposed to be working much better than the bots.

However, YouTube has an entirely different plan. It would neither rely on the bots nor trust the human curators. Thus, all the channels and videos hand-selected by humans will also have to be approved by a special team appointed by the website.

Though it is yet to be announced officially, the company is all set to make it real. The decision was actually been taken because of increasing number of extremist content available on the site which is making their way even to the kids’ app. This has been a matter of concern for the site for quite a long. According to a report published by Business Insider last month, YouTube Kids app was found to be bringing up videos full of misinformation in its “suggested videos”. Some of these videos were found to offer strange ideas about the existence of aliens, conspiracy theories about the Human landing on Moon and about the shape of the Earth.

Bots are often found to be easily fooling through the security systems offering the wrong kind of content to kids. There have always been some security loopholes in the Internet world and YouTube is no exception. Last year itself the site was troubled with a controversy named ‘Elsagate’ which included videos with strange Disney characters for gaining views and misusing the algorithm especially meant for the kids’ app.

Questionable content, extremist views and unethical ideas are often found to be surfacing the website. It has been a real trouble for the website to deal with these issues which are almost always on the rise. While site has always made efforts to bring only age appropriate content to the children; it isn’t easy and often times, wrong content and inappropriate advertisements escape the securities and make their way.

Thus, its decision of switching its algorithm based system to a white-listed non-algorithmic version for kids makes a lot of sense. Soon parents will get a special opt-in option which will make the site safer. Interestingly, the news seems to be a leak as it was a lot of time for the official announcement as the spokesperson of the site stated “We are always working to update and improve YouTube Kids. However, we don’t comment on rumour or speculations.” The statement in itself clarifies that the site is not totally denying if the changes are on the card soon!