Spotify and Hulu joint subscription plan come with just $12.99 a month


Spotify and Hulu joint subscription plan

Digital streaming services, Spotify and Hulu, announced a partnership to allow consumers to bundle their services at a lower price.

Now, the streaming services offer a combined version of their Spotify Premium and basic ad-supported Hulu services for a total of $12.99 a month. Also, offers a $5 savings on their stand-alone services, which cost $9.99 for Spotify Premium and $7.99 for Hulu. If you already pay for both services separately you can save $4.99 per month. While, the package accessible immediately to current Spotify Premium customers.

Analysts say, this joint package would like to prevail over each other’s fan, also attracting new subscribers by a music-video combination.

Dual subscription

Spotify said, this package also allows customers of three-month Hulu trial for 99 cents. But, users can choose to commit to the dual subscription. The companies plan to bring the deal to everyone this summer.

Yet, this partnership will attract enough new subscribers of Spotify and Hulu to influence the beneficial price. The companies did not offer a breakdown of how they will shoulder the lost $5 in revenue per subscriber.

While, both companies confront different difficulties. Spotify stays far less subsidized than Apple. It started exchanging shares on the New York Stock Exchange to raise capital, so it can contend with the Cupertino, Calif., monster.

However, Hulu faces vulnerability due to the planned Disney-Fox merger. On the off chance that affirmed, the blend would put 66% of the company, and subsequently control, under the Disney. Which could in turn buy out Comcast’s share and then drop Hulu for its own service.